Day #4.5 – I needed a little extra…

So I did go out to dinner last night, it was actually a previous obligation and I honestly, I just didn’t want to not go! So, I did. The problem was the menu wasn’t exactly very diet friendly…. but I decided I had been busting my ass all week, one night won’t kill me. The Chicken and Waffle at Eat Bar in Arlington is F’ing DELICIOUS!!!!

That being said, as part of my new plan, if I do have a night like that… I had better earn it. So getting home at 11pm, I jumped right back on the treadmill and crushed out another hour workout. No way am I going to let one night of fun beat me!

The good news is, between the workout yesterday morning and the second one last night… not a single pound gained this morning!!

I can’t actually keep losing over a pound ever day… but knowing I didn’t lose any ground makes me happy!!

4 thoughts on “Day #4.5 – I needed a little extra…

  1. Yanno, I have an opinion on everything–and I really dislike the idea of “earning” food — as if food were either a reward or that exercise is payment.

    Either you plan for food or you don’t.
    Either you plan your exercise or you don’t.

    And because restaurants/bars want your money, they’re usually willing to work with someone to make an unfriendly menu a bit friendlier.

    And just a reminder — your body naturally fluctuates between 1-3lbs every day. Make sure you’re hopping on the scale at approximately the same time if you’re going to do daily weigh-ins. I am personally against those too — I think weekly works best. That way you see trends, not fluctuations.

    1. I do indeed agree…. almost. Right now I’ve been eating for years with reckless abandon and I haven’t developed a lifestyle to earn that privilege. These workouts, better eating habits, less drink and more physical social activity are the things I need to do to be able to reward myself with a little unhealthy/unfriendly food from time to time. I’ve got plenty of “skinny” friends that have joined me for 4am Chinese food on a Saturday night! If they can do it, I can do it… I just have to do the others they do to earn it. Walking, running, lifting, yoga, kung fu, MMS, aerial silks…. and a ton of other suggestions that have come in!

      Also, as for the weighing in and such… I do 100% agree there. Daily weigh-ins will fluctuate, I know that, and I’ve prepared for it. I’m not counting any weight loss until its the average of the last 7 days of my weight. See my stats page for a graph. For all intents and purposes, the “7 day average weight” line IS a trend line. 🙂

      1. I’ve just seen so many people see food as reward/exercise as punishment.
        I’ve seen the idea of “earning” your food go from a cheeky expression to disordered eating real fast. Just be aware of why you’re eating what you’re eating and you’ll do fine. Make the best choices you can in ever situation.

        Another tough lesson for me was the realizing that just because someone might be skinny, they might not be healthy. Met a size 0 girl once that not only had painful braces/overbite, but she was also anorexic. So not only did she control her food, but eating caused her physical pain.

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