Day #15 – Week Three Starts With A Bang

Well, I surely did have an amazing time yesterday. Even though going to a party totally centered around bacon and bourbon while you’re on a diet is a little bit of torture, it was a great time. I slept in later this morning, work up refreshed, relaxed and ready to kick ass on the treadmill again.

Today’s workout, 1 hour, 3.56 miles and 446 calories!

I did change-up the way I’ve been running a bit too and I think that helped a lot. I jump on the treadmill at about 3 mph, then every 4 minutes I do 1 minute at 5.5 mph. Huff and puff, catch my breath and repeat. I’ll keep this up through this week, I’d like to start hitting 450 calorie single workouts, get my stamina up then increase and see how far I can push!

It was a nice relaxing weekend of only 1 workout per day, but I’m going to try to push back to two-a-days tomorrow.

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