Another Notch On My Belt, Literally

No no no, this does not mean I’ve done something inappropriate in the dark with someone new. It means exactly what it says… another notch on belt. I’ve lost just under 15 pounds (14.6 to be exact) and just about 2 weeks (15 days). I’m feeling great, a little tired and sore, but trying to stay motivated.

So while my weight might plateau a little bit for a few days at a time, it is GREAT to see the real results of the weight-loss already. It’s hard to great really accurate consistent measurements as you can see from my stats page, but you surely can tell when you pants fit better!

Not only am I wearing shirts that haven’t fit in well over a year if not more, but today when I was getting dressed I looked down and noticed my belt felt like it was a little longer! No squeezing, no sucking it in, no games… my belt is actually down one notch smaller. Now THAT is a great morning!!

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