Day #16 – A 900+ Calorie Day

So, while I’m getting used to the weekly weight plateaus where it doesn’t change for a few days, but what I can’t get used to is how I seem to be able to push my workouts farther and farther. My weight has been stuck at 257.4 for the third day in a row, but hoping/trying for a another small drop tomorrow I just crush out 2 more personal best runs one after the other.

This morning I was able to wake up, get my ass in gear and do 3.59 miles for 450 calories in one hour….

Then after work… ANOTHER personal best, 3.78 miles and 478 calories in 1 hour!!

I’m definitely feeling like a million bucks and can’t wait to relax a bit on the couch a bit, get a good nights sleep and keep on pushing tomorrow! 🙂

Also, a note about food intake: I have been logging everything I eat everyday, and my exercise with the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone and I just noticed I was only able to eat about 970 calories today and actually burned 928 calories total with workouts. That means today was basically a 42 calorie day… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet, but I think I might have to start eating a little more/larger meals during the day.

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