Day #30 – Just In Time

Well, for those of you still reading 30 days in… you might have been wondering where today’s post was. After a long night last night, a bit of a crazy day at work… its hard to get motivated to keep moving. I came home, immediately went straight to bed and passed out for a little nap. I considered and even tried to rationalize why it would be okay for today to be a “rest day” but, when I was sitting on my couch I just got pissed off at myself for even letting that train of thought begin. I won’t let up, I won’t slow down, I will keep moving.

So, up I went, hit the treadmill for 2 back to back 1 hour cardio sessions. The first was 3.08 miles and 404 calories and the second was 3.27 miles and 443 calories! I will NOT let myself slow down, give up, make excuses and get lazy. Failure is not an option.

5 thoughts on “Day #30 – Just In Time

  1. Way to go, Steve ! I don’t know how u do it. What about an endorsement deal? Ur push up book, treadmill, or even the camera and computer u post about every day might want to get in on the action. bonus!

    I hope your pain is diminishing and keep up the good work! Lots of love.

  2. I agree with Beth. Rest days are critical to allow the body time to recover. It also helps keep your body guessing about what’s coming next. I’m doing six days a week, and forcing myself to take a rest day–it IS really hard!

    1. yeah… at first I thought it was hard to start, now I think its hard to stop. It almost like I see myself resting for a day and letting it make me lazy. I know I’ll be able to start again, but its a strange feeling. Maybe this weekend I’ll have to take Saturday off or something.

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