Day #55 – Even The Big Man Took A Day Of Rest

So, I know a lot of you were waiting for that big follow-up post from the other day when I was trying to knock out that last .6 pounds to hit the 40 pounds lost mark. Well, I hope you’re not disappointed, because I’m not, but… unfortunately, I didn’t make it. On the hell of one of the biggest workouts I’ve ever done it seems odd that I wasn’t able to hit that little goal, but… my body does fluctuate, so will yours, weight-loss isn’t the only thing to measure here… hence my stats page where I’m also tracking my neck, chest and waist size. I may not have knocked out that last half pound or so, but I did get smaller, and… this is called Operation Get SKINNY after-all! 😉

The only problem was, my weight did actually go up a little, probably just water weight as everyone says since I did maintain an almost 3500 calorie deficit for the day….. but I decided after waking up pretty damn sore that it was a good idea to take just one day of rest.

That means in 57 days since this weight-loss journey started for me, I’ve only taken 4 days off total. I’m not what your standards and levels of acceptable dedication are, but for me… I consider that pretty damn committed.

Failure is not an option, I will achieve my goals. 38 pounds and counting, I’ve come so far already… 22 pounds to go no matter how long it takes me!

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