21.2 Reasons I Don’t Give a Shit About Valentines Day

21.2 Reasons I Don’t Give a Shit About Valentines Day

     I was hoping I’d be able to make this post soon, and what better day to make it than today. I’ve finally crossed the 20 pounds lost mark! Everyone needs a reason to feel good on Valentine’s Day, right?!

     I’m still averaging just under 1 pound a day, and there are, of course, better days than others. I haven’t really been taking pictures of myself to document anything right now, but I’m sure just from pictures of being out with friends and such you can see it in my face a little bit, and once I start to see some more dramatic changes, I’ll be sure to document it with some annoying selfies! 😛

     One thing that’s come up multiple times over the last few weeks over how often to weigh yourself. It’s something I’ve talked about with people plenty of times and while everyone has their own opinion, I was talking about this with my friends who have decided to do our Biggest Loser contest together and found an interesting article about “the new trend” which is actually to weigh yourself everyday. If it’s something you’ve thought about, it’s worth a read, check it out: USA Today – New advice for weight loss: Get on the scale every day

     And last but not least, here’s the same chart as before with my progress down out of the 300 club!

Weekend Fun Lurks, The Weight-Loss Continues…

Weekend Fun Lurks, The Weight-Loss Continues…

     It’s right about now each week… late Friday morning when thoughts of happy hour and seeing friends start to kick in. That’s, of course, also when the anxiety of another little weekend bump in weight comes along, or like last weekend, the sweet, sweet temptation of late night chicken and waffles causes a 4+ day plateau in my weight-loss. Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

    I can’t say for sure that it’s not going to happen. Let’s be honest, put me in a room with enough people and enough bourbon and, almost without a doubt, snacks will arrive at some point in the evening/early morning! Hahahaha So if you see me out this weekend… please, by me a drink… BUT when I suggest some late night eats…. SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF ME AND SEND ME HOME!!

     As you can see, I’m doing pretty well toward hitting my goal of being out of the 300 club by the end of March, maybe even a little earlier if I stay ahead of schedule like this, but let me not jinx it yet. <fingers crossed, knock on wood> In fact, I’m almost halfway done already. I started at just over 341 pounds and weighed-in this morning as just over 321. I’m less the .5 pounds away from hitting the 20 pound mark. Hopefully by the time I write my next post, I’ll already be there!

Weight Plateaus And The Women Who Love Them

Weight Plateaus And The Women Who Love Them

     Weight plateaus… they happen… as for the women that love them, yeah… that’s just a catchy title so you read my silly blog, nobody actually loves hitting a weight plateau, in fact, they ALL suck!

     So we wound up with 8 people in my little month-long Biggest Loser competition and it’s been great so far. Having that extra motivation of friends who are doing the same with you, posting their weigh-in pictures, sending messages to the group chat, it’s a really great way to help stay motivated, especially when you hit a rough patch.

     It’s just that pesky little bit at the end right there at the end that seems to have started this past Monday. Granted… I may have had a liiiiiiittle big of a drunk snack episode late Saturday night, so I knew it wasn’t going to be great, but the effect of that to be hanging 3 or 4 days later is starting to drive me crazy!

     The only good part is, I had set my own personal goal of getting out of the 300 club by the end of March, and even with this little rough patch, I’m still doing pretty well and am on schedule to hit that goal. It’s been 14 days and I’ve lost 13.5 pounds, so being pretty close to losing 1 pound per day really isn’t that bad. Hopefully I can break through this plateau soon and not fall behind. I’m still 2.2 pounds ahead of schedule, but it’s starting to get a little close!

     I’m gonna keep plugging away… I know it’s a long road, but I know it’s worth the work!

The Incident’s Biggest Loser – February 2017

The Incident’s Biggest Loser – February 2017

     So here’s the story… a friend who read yesterday’s post about getting my weight-loss efforts back on track again made a great suggestion. He suggested that we start our very own Biggest Loser competition, so… we are! Here’s how it goes:

  • It’s $50 to enter the competition
  • The first weigh-in is the morning of Friday, February 3rd, 2017
  • The “winner” is the person who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight
  • Weigh-ins are everyday
  • Pictures of your scale will be sent to me and I’m entering the weights on a shared Google spreadsheet
  • We’ve also got a Facebook group, chat and email list setup so, of course, we can do a little motivating (read: “shit talking”) along the way!
  • Right now there are only 4 of us, so winner takes all. If we get to over 6 people, we might set it up so 3rd place gets their $50 back, 2nd place gets $100 and the winner gets $150 and if we get more people than 6, the winner just keeps getting more and more!

If you decide you’d like to join us, get in touch ASAP and you can do a late check-in maybe tomorrow morning! If not, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting over and over again about how much ass I’m kicking!!

So, who would anyone else like to join?

World War III – The Battle of The Bulge Continues

World War III – The Battle of The Bulge Continues

     Yup, you guessed it. I’m at it again. This is obviously something that’s been a struggle for me for a long time. This is the 3rd time in the last few years that I’ve decided to try to lose weight, and it’s unfortunately my most difficult starting point yet.

     Being overweight isn’t easy. Not only did I have 342 pounds to carry around every day, but there’s the mental and emotional weight that goes along with it. It’s hard to get dressed to go out to see friends and get annoyed when something doesn’t fit right, or fit the “way it used to”. It’s even really hard to go shopping, especially when you have such impeccable style as I do, and everything you pick up and love, you can’t find it your size.

     It honestly is a pretty terrible way to start a Friday night, or a terrible way to start thinking about a party or some event you might be going to. Your first thought becomes “oh shit, what am I going to wear”, and it’s a thought that doesn’t go away quickly. Sooner than you expect, it can start to lead to depression and anxiety about going out in general, regardless of the reason.

     For someone who’s a bit of an extreme extrovert, like myself, it can really become an internal battle. You want to out and be social more than anything, you thrive on it, but at the same time, the thought of having to actually pick out something to wear and head out there is terrifying at times.

     So here is where the journey begins… a few days ago. My first weigh-in this time around scared the hell out of me, 341.2 pounds. That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. It’s scary that I had to wait until this point to really get my ass in gear again.

Weight Chart - 2017-01-23

    So, as you can see… I’ve been dieting, trying to keep on top of it, and while the graph zigzags all over the place, it surely is going steadily down. I know it’s supposed to be SUCH a bad thing to weigh yourself everyday, or even multiple times a day, but just like you’ve seen in previous posts, I’m a data-driven guy. The more numbers I have the better. So I weigh myself just about any time I walk past my scale and as long as I see the daily average going down, which is it. I’m happy.

     Since the day of my first weigh in, it’s been 10 days and I’ve already lost 11.8 pounds!

Weight Chart - 2017-02-07


     And as always, I like to set goals for myself, so this first one is going to be pretty simple. I’d like to get out of the 300 club by the end of March. That shouldn’t be all that difficult. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, keep the pizza out of my mouth and hopefully I can make it!