Day #11 – Daily Weigh-ins Get Hard

I know people have been telling me for a while now NOT to weigh myself every day, but I like collecting all the data for my stats page and knowing exactly where I am. The hard part finally kicks in, like this morning, when I weighed myself and found that I’m still at the same place I was 4 days ago: 262lbs. I know the first week of quick weight-loss was mostly water weight, easy to do and couldn’t continue, but I had hoped for a little bit long!

Either way, I’m not letting this kill my motivation and stop me from pushing through. I knocked out a morning workout that was on par with yesterdays hard push to get myself in shape. 1 hour, 3.06 miles and 370 calories. I think that actually might be the biggest workout yet.

Well… I spoke to soon when I wrote that last part above. As it turns out….. I AM A MACHINE!!!! (ok, not really, but I’m getting there!) Second workout of the day: 1 hour, 3.26 miles and 401 calories! Now THAT is how afternoon workouts are done!!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up this pace for long so I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts. We’ll find out tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day #11 – Daily Weigh-ins Get Hard

  1. I don’t know anything about anything, but I generally don’t weigh myself more than once a week. Or if I feel like the previous day was a particularly good fat-burning day, I’ll weigh myself in the morning. If things are just going steady, I try to keep it to every 7 days or so.

    REGARDLESS, you’re still kicking ass and still inspiring me to keep going, too. Your spirit is indomitable!

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