Day #13 – Back with a Vengeance

Yesterday was a rough day for workouts, but not rough FROM the workouts. With a mild work crisis that I had to go deal with, I slacked on my 2 hour a day goal a bit. The awesome part, even with that, I hit another all time low this morning: 258.8 pounds!

It felt great to see another day of weight loss, and my 7 day average weight is finally below 262 which means that first 10 pounds I dropped is OFFICIALLY gone! 🙂 🙂 It’s mornings like this that make me remember how important this is, how amazing it feels and how great it’s going to be when I reach my goals!

Bounding with energy for all that positive thinking, I jumped on my treadmill and smashed out another one of my biggest workouts yet. 1 hour, 3.31 miles and 411 calories, and while I didn’t exactly love every minute of it, the feeling of accomplishment when it was over is worth every minute of the pain.

Now I’m finishing up my day a work a bit early to make sure I go home and crank out another workout before heading out for the night. No cheating tonight either. I already found a great place to east with a low-calorie menu, I’ll have my few vodka sodas and stay on track! See you all out there! 🙂

[UPDATED] I came home from work and knocked out another quick workout. I’ve got plans that I don’t want to be late for so I only did 45 minutes, but I did burn 306 more calories in a distance of 2.5 miles!

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