Day #23 – Mixed Workouts Need A New Post Format

Well, my old format of blog posts for workouts seemed like it was okay when there was just an occasional weigh-in and a few pics of the treadmill readout. However, with mixing up my workouts to combine cardio, some basic strength training and the One Hundred Pushups program I thought the posts might get a little “noisy” with all that stuff posted so large. So I’ve decided to only post large format pics of the important item and keep my photographic proof of works to the bottom of each post in a gallery. So here we go:

First up, now all time low weight… with the involuntary days of rest and a few important social outing that conflicted with my diet rules a bit I hadn’t been all to thrilled recently with what my scale had to say about me! The awesome news is, that  little rough patch is over, I’m back to work, and it’s going well. This morning I weighed in at 253.6 pounds, just 1.6 pounds away from loosing my first 20!!

As for my daily workouts: This morning I did 2.25 miles in 45 minutes for 266 calories and some more cardio this afternoon for another 15 minutes, 1 mile and burned 130 calories. It is interesting to note that just by pushing myself a bit extra I was able to burn 50% of the calories in 33% of the time. Cranking out that little extra bit of speed surely does up the calorie burn by a significant amount.

Also, this afternoon for most strength training I did 20 pushups for Week 1, Day 2 of the One Hundred Pushups program and 150 jumping jacks, just for fun! 😛

P.S. That last screen shot of my workout if from Fitocracy, also an iPhone and online app for tracking your workouts and progress. Pretty neat, check it out and if you sign up, be sure to follow me @scastano!

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