Day #21 – An Involuntary Day of Rest

So, today was another slightly rough day in the life of my weight-loss. Not only did I wake up this morning to a little more weight gain, but issues with work from the insane storm we had last night kept me working until all hours of the morning and again today. So much so, that I basically slept all day and didn’t get a chance to even do a single minute of working out.

This morning’s weight wasn’t terrible, 255.6 pounds and, it was 100% my fault. A late night cheese omelet and bagel cause that one, but again… I was out with a friend, had a ROUGH night with work and decided I wanted to enjoy my night a bit, relax, and eat some familiar food.

Granted, I’m not very happy with the choice now that I wake up and see the damage. I guess there’s only a few times you can eat a little too much one night and mysteriously wake up the next morning to weight-loss. Tomorrow I surely will buckle down, I will try to get in my 2 hours of workouts and I obviously will be making sure I don’t have a single cheat day this coming week since technically I had two this one.

As for the storm, since I don’t have any pictures of the treadmill from today, here’s what some of the roadblocks I encountered on the way to and from work looked like:

Day #20 – The First Time I Hate My Scale

So this morning was the first morning my scale every told me I went up in weight. It wasn’t very big (from 253.8 to 254.6) and I’m not letting it get my down. In fact, while I turned in a very light workout this morning, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I get in another hour this evening before heading out for the night.

For this morning’s workout, with the pain in my legs, I turned in another very light hour. At 0% incline also to give me legs a break (truth is, I did this hour while on a conference call and forgot to set it!). This was 1 hour, 2.94 miles and 232 calories.

So, sitting at work stewing over the face that I forgot to set the incline and burned so few calories, I decided I needed to just suck it up and get home for another workout. So after work and before running out the door for some fun, I just on the treadmill for a few minutes. Another short workout, only 35 minutes, 2.15 miles but burned 270 calories!

The AWESOME news here is…. THAT I CAN RUN AGAIN!!! Granted I wasn’t able to push myself to the 15 minute mile pace I was at just a few days ago, but the pain in the legs has subsided enough that I was able to throw in some running intervals which surely helped up the calorie burn.

I’ll have to see what condition my legs are in tomorrow. Now… into the shower and out for some fun!! 🙂 🙂

Considering Begining My Bike Adventure

I’ve already starting talking to friends at work, so some whom are pretty serious bikers, about getting starting riding back and forth to work. Not only because my legs are starting to hurt a little bit from the running, but the 2 hours a day of workout time is becoming difficult to manage. I figure by being able to ride to work (from Chevy Chase, MD to Arlington, VA) that will give me a break from the high impact on my body of running, provide a little change of scenery and condense my time a bit. It already takes me about 25 – 30 minutes to drive to work anyway, if I ride… I think I might be able to do it about an hour according to the estimates.

It does being up a lot of questions though, so I’m getting start with my research:

1) Why type of bike should I be riding?

I’ve been told road bikes are a little more advanced, sometimes a little harder to ride, and hybrids just “aren’t really good at anything”. The advice I’ve gotten so far is to get a mountain bike, possible with a front fork, but put slick tires on it. A coworker has a bike setup that way that he’s going to let me borrow and see how it feels. (Hopefully right after this insane heat wave we’re having)

2) Where to ride?

Do trail maps exist out there for the DC area? I’m a little nervous about trying to ride along major roads right now, but if I have to do it a bit to get from trail to trail I’m sure I can handle it. Basically, I’m starting about 3 blocks from the Friendship Heights Metro station and ending a few blocks from the Ballston Metro station. Does anyone have a suggestion or maps of any routes?

3) Measuring my performance?

I know there are devices I can put on the bike to read speed and distance, etc. Any suggestion here? How about GPS enabled iPhone apps? Any iPhone apps that might have integrated maps or anything… like RunKeeper, but for biking?

4) Advice?

What am I missing? Should I have anything else to get started?

So, I think that covers most of it. Any help/advice any of you might have would be awesome… I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 17, so getting this going should be a pretty interesting adventure. I will surely be blogging more about my adventures, the things I learn along the way and of course, how it affects my weight-loss.

Day #19 – Staying Motivated Through The Pain

Most of you following my weight-loss journey thus far have all wondered how long I could keep up the two-a-day workouts. Well, the answer is about 18 days. It’s not that I don’t have the time, or the motivation, it’s just that I’ve found the limit of what my legs can handle while I work on building my strength and endurance. The important part is that I need to stay motivated, keep myself moving and stick to my “no excuses” plan of attack here.

To help with my motivation though, I did get on the scale for another new low this morning. 253.8 pounds!! That means I’ve lost just over 18 pounds already… now THAT is motivation to keep going!

So right after that, I’m jumped on the treadmill to make sure I get in an hour of cardio today… even though I’m in a little pain I want to make sure I keep moving. I couldn’t really run, so I decided to just set a solid pace of about 3.3 miles an hour and just walk it out for the hour. I managed to walk 3.22 miles and burn 375 calories. Not bad for a brisk walk!

I’m pretty sure this will be my only workout for the day. I need to give my body and my legs a little bit of a break to recover for a few days before I really keep trying to push those 4 miles in an hour.

Day #18 – Make Your Goals Attainable

Something I’ve been learning throughout the last 18 days of my new life is to make my weight-loss and exercise goals attainable. There is no way I would have lasted this long already if I told myself I needed to run a 10 minute mile by the end of the first week.

I “keep it real” by taking small steps, setting new goals each time I reach one and make sure they all server the purpose here, to get skinny, healthy and better looking. Recently I’ve been running intervals where I walk for between 3 and 4 minutes, followed by running for a minute or two. It has been an immense help for my stamina and is increasing my endurance and average speed every day.

This morning start with another quick 30 minute workout, but I was able to hold down 15 minute miles for 2 consecutive miles. Def not bad at all: 30 minutes, 2 miles on the nose and 261 calories.

As it turns out, my friends were right. Pushing yourself too hard can leave you in a little bit of pain. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do an evening workout, it just means I had to seriously pace myself: 45 minutes, 2.29 miles and burned 276 calories.

I’m going to have to really watch myself for the next few days, let me legs re-cooperate and then I should be able to attack these workouts again!

Pushing For A 15 Minute Mile

So, I know I just set this goal for myself in a previous blog post, but it looks like I’m getting there even faster that I thought! My original goal is and way to get 4 miles done in one hour and its going to stay that way. I did however manage to wake up this morning and push myself extra hard to get 2 done now. Granted after 30 minutes and 2 miles, I was WIPED. My legs are sore and my ankles hurt a little, maybe from doing this at a 4% incline, but that’s just going to make it easier to do on the road.

I do have plans for after work today, so I’m not sure how much of a workout I’ll get in when I get home, but I surely will push myself as hard as I can when I can!

Day #17 – Keep Droppin Them Pounds

Well, it seems as though my nice CRUSH of a workout from yesterday paid off. My 3 day weight plateau is broken yet again with another new low weight of 255.6 pounds! If I can knock off another 3.5 this week I’ll be down 20 pounds. I’ll be busting my ass to get there but with plans tomorrow, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday nights, it’s not going to be easy! Here’s this mornings picture of the scale:

I did wake up a little late this morning, and with a few morning meetings, I was only able to do a 30 minute workout before rushing out to the office. Still not bad though, 30 minutes, 1.73 miles and 220 calories.

Check back here for another update to Day #17 later, I do plan on doing another hour workout when I get home tonight!!

[UPDATE] Yes. I DID come home and crush another workout to get myself back in line from the short one I did this morning. Yet another personal best: 1 hour, 3.92 miles and 500 calories burned!!

I even set a new goal for myself as a result. I’m going to try to break 4 miles in 1 hour… by the end of the week. Who thinks I can do it?!

Day #16 – A 900+ Calorie Day

So, while I’m getting used to the weekly weight plateaus where it doesn’t change for a few days, but what I can’t get used to is how I seem to be able to push my workouts farther and farther. My weight has been stuck at 257.4 for the third day in a row, but hoping/trying for a another small drop tomorrow I just crush out 2 more personal best runs one after the other.

This morning I was able to wake up, get my ass in gear and do 3.59 miles for 450 calories in one hour….

Then after work… ANOTHER personal best, 3.78 miles and 478 calories in 1 hour!!

I’m definitely feeling like a million bucks and can’t wait to relax a bit on the couch a bit, get a good nights sleep and keep on pushing tomorrow! 🙂

Also, a note about food intake: I have been logging everything I eat everyday, and my exercise with the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone and I just noticed I was only able to eat about 970 calories today and actually burned 928 calories total with workouts. That means today was basically a 42 calorie day… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet, but I think I might have to start eating a little more/larger meals during the day.

Another Notch On My Belt, Literally

No no no, this does not mean I’ve done something inappropriate in the dark with someone new. It means exactly what it says… another notch on belt. I’ve lost just under 15 pounds (14.6 to be exact) and just about 2 weeks (15 days). I’m feeling great, a little tired and sore, but trying to stay motivated.

So while my weight might plateau a little bit for a few days at a time, it is GREAT to see the real results of the weight-loss already. It’s hard to great really accurate consistent measurements as you can see from my stats page, but you surely can tell when you pants fit better!

Not only am I wearing shirts that haven’t fit in well over a year if not more, but today when I was getting dressed I looked down and noticed my belt felt like it was a little longer! No squeezing, no sucking it in, no games… my belt is actually down one notch smaller. Now THAT is a great morning!!

Day #15 – Week Three Starts With A Bang

Well, I surely did have an amazing time yesterday. Even though going to a party totally centered around bacon and bourbon while you’re on a diet is a little bit of torture, it was a great time. I slept in later this morning, work up refreshed, relaxed and ready to kick ass on the treadmill again.

Today’s workout, 1 hour, 3.56 miles and 446 calories!

I did change-up the way I’ve been running a bit too and I think that helped a lot. I jump on the treadmill at about 3 mph, then every 4 minutes I do 1 minute at 5.5 mph. Huff and puff, catch my breath and repeat. I’ll keep this up through this week, I’d like to start hitting 450 calorie single workouts, get my stamina up then increase and see how far I can push!

It was a nice relaxing weekend of only 1 workout per day, but I’m going to try to push back to two-a-days tomorrow.